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Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation Tax Conference Report

On October 31, 2014, the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation put on their annual tax conference with panels comprised of a mix of tax practitioners and government officials covering the latest issues in Massachusetts taxes.  As always, the conference provided great content and an opportunity for taxpayers, practitioners and government officials to get up-to-speed on the latest … Continue Reading

Massachusetts Audits and Appeals Update—Transfer Pricing and Embedded Royalties

From time to time, we’ll be using this space to discuss recurring Massachusetts state tax issues were seeing at audit and on appeal.  In the first in this series, we’ll focus on transfer pricing adjustments. Over the past few years, the Department’s auditors have aggressively attacked intercompany payments between affiliated entities—especially for tax years prior … Continue Reading

Massachusetts DOR Announces Expanded, Permanent Tax Mediation Program

As Reed Smith reported earlier this summer, the Department of Revenue has now officially made its early mediation program permanent; and expanded the program to include audits with $250,000 or more at issue (previously over $1 million was the threshold for mediation set by Administrative Procedure 635). The early mediation program was introduced last fall … Continue Reading